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Tough Guy is a 4K 2D Arcade Brawler for up to eight local players.

You are Guy Tough, Bud Ivy, "Judo" Joe and Lisa Felix as they fight to rescue Guy's fiancé Doll from the degenerate Weiss Gang.

Along the way they discover her kidnapping was only the tip of a sinister iceberg. Whatever the problem - violence is the only solution.

In addition to the story there are two additional game modes. A competitive gang vs. gang brawl mode, and a co-operative wave based survival mode.

Tough Guy is available to Pre-Order in a variety of editions listed below! Those who Pre-Order get instant access to a production art gallery and an early alpha build of the game.

Jonathan Felton



Exclusive content

Get exclusive access to this game by purchasing while quantities last.


Receive a DRM-Free download code for PC, Mac, Linux and Android, plus access to Pre-Release content including playable game builds and a production art gallery.

The top 100 Pre-Order customers get their name in the game's credits as "Donors"!

The higher the amount, the higher you are listed - next to the amount you gave.

This offer does not apply to those who buy the game after its eventual release date.


Receive the Digital Edition + a physical game case with printed download codes and a manual inside.

To be delivered nearer the game's release date.


Receive the Digital Edition + Physical Edition + a T-Shirt and Poster bundle at an exclusively low price. This T-Shirt and Poster can also be bought separately at full price, as can other merchandise related to this game.

To be delivered nearer the game's release date.


For the righteous street vigilante in your life.

Receive the Digital Edition + Physical Edition + Merchandise Edition +

An 8" 3D Character Statue of the game's protagonist Guy TOUGH

RRP £29.99, for just £20 when purchased as part of this bundle!

This and other Character Statues will also be available to purchase separately.

To be delivered nearer the game's release date.

You will get access to the following files:

Tough Guy [Alpha]
Production Art Gallery 25 MB

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