Tough Guy resumes production this Monday!

Hello and welcome to my first DevLog update for Tough Guy, our upcoming retro arcade-style beat 'em up / beltscroller game.

My name is Jonathan, I'm the project creator and director, and currently also the sole designer and developer. I aim to take on some additional artists, sound designers, voice actors and developers after I iron out the initial design and function of the core gameplay and the animation system. So far the systemic and narrative concept of the game exists fully in writing and is ready to be developed into a prototype you'll all get to play as it comes together if you've pre-ordered. In addition to exclusive Production Art access, of which there will be plenty of interesting pieces.

My target turnaround for this game is around 18 months from the proper production start date. That is now that I'm moving past the initial conception, character design and ideas stages. I've actually been designing and iterating different incarnations of this same project since 2009 or so, and am now confident that I've designed an original and dynamic beltscroller game that should satisfy hardcore fans of the genre and fans of compelling storytelling and challenging gameplay in general.

Like many of you I grew up playing beltscrollers of the 16-bit era, I've gone back and done thorough research on the genre - including all of its entries and the macho pop culture that inspired its inception back in 1987.

I'm pleased to announce that full time dedicated, regular development of the game will begin this coming Monday. As I planned to take a break during the holidays, to sort my home studio space out properly, plus some logistics around sustaining myself during the project's development, and begin the Monday after Chinese New Year. So, this Monday.

From that point I should have something interesting to share on here every one or two weeks for the next 18 months - right up to the completion and publication of Tough Guy. I'll be working full time, 9 hours a day, 5 days a week to make this project into a real game.

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