New house, new sketches

Hello! I'm all done moving house and setting up the new home office, which includes some new furniture, like a nice height-adjustable standing desk. One of those ones you manually adjust with a crank.

I've started scanning in the hundreds of sketches I've done for Tough GUY on paper. They're used to quickly iterate visual design ideas for the game, mainly its main characters. Most of them are for brainstorming the protagonist, Guy's, appearance, as that kind of also defines the art direction of the rest of the game.

I've scanned about half of them and once I've scanned the other half I'll be adding them all to the Pre-Order exclusive production art gallery. Which is up so early backers have something to enjoy while waiting for the game to move further along.

I've been thinking of how to animate the game's sprites in a way that allows fluid, consistent movement with a fairly smooth frame rate of around 20 FPS, without everything looking slow or floaty. So I've done experiments around different possible animation pipelines for a while. I've now decided on one I'm happy to proceed with so I'll be starting on sprite animations for the game again.

The new pipeline is essentially this:

1. Concept art to visualise the character.

2. Model sheet turnaround illustration to use as animation reference, layered for different clothing variants.

4. 3D basic grey character model scaled to model sheet proportions and general silhouette, animated as a base layer to draw over

5. Rough sketch animation frames in Adobe Animate CC

6. Clean vector art in Adobe Illustrator CC

7. The rasterised and indexed sprite frames, rendered from the vector art, into Photoshop CC.

So stay tuned for some test animations done in that pipeline, and some production sketches chosen from the bunch I'm scanning in.

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