Guy Sprite Design Progress #3

I've now started over Guy's sprite design, again. This time I wanted him to be more muscular and in a more complex art style.

This is a work-in-progress sketch of the front view, in Photoshop, for an 8K screen resolution.

I did this only in one day, today, in about six hours of work. So by the end of the week it should be far along.

I've been practising drawing muscles a lot in pencil on paper, and I'm also keeping reference open while I draw which has helped add the complexity and muscle definition I wanted.

I've also sketched a likeness of his head which will be close to how he will look when his head is added to the drawing above.

After this sketch is finished I then have to add the head and clothing layers, and advance each sketch to vector artwork. I must repeat this process for the front, back and side views of the character design so that a basic 3D character model can be made as an animation guide.

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